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Mega Animated S-Shield Raver T-Shirt

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#15 2004
Mega Animated S-Shield Raver T-Shirt

- This T-Shirt features cutting edge EL-Panel Technology that illuminates the thin panel design that is incorporated right in to the front of this shirt! You will stand out of the crowd, guaranteed.

No Light? No Problem! - This t-shirt produced it own super bright light so the animated patterns can be seen day or night. In fact the Illuminating panel used in this shirt is most impressive in the dark, producing a super bright, vivid, colored light show that displays the design shown! Light up the night and be seen in the club; EVEN WITH THE LIGHTS OUT!

Digital Light Show - The illuminating panel uses a Digital Phasing Control box that electronically controls the entire light show with out any human intervention. The light show literally controls itself. Watch as the unit automatically phases threw 7 different modes including; Strobe, Steady On, Phase, Reverse, Spiral and more! You can also choose the function manually and the panel will continuously display that mode! Cool!

Hands Free! - Just load the batteries in and turn on the function you want on. The t-shirt will start the light show all by itself! Once the light show is going you don't have to do a darn thing! Just enjot the shirt and go about your business, No fumbling around with clubsy controls, or forcing the shirt to do its job. All you have to do is turn it on and let the fun commence!

Amaze On-Lookers - This technology is so new chances are people you encounter have never seen anything like it before. People are sure to be amazed at the incredible illuminating panels and the amazing light show it produces.

Comfortable! - The Mega Animated Raver T-Shirt features hidden wires that are stitched into a secret pocket so you will not feel the wire that connects the panel to the control making this shirt as comfortable as any other 100% cotton tee. The compact Digital Phasing unit also has a hidden compartment in the shirt that is not visible from the out side. The unit fits perfectly in this pocket so you wont even know it's there!