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Mini Keychain Flashlight Assortment



The mini keychain lantern is one of those things that when you get it you will not remember how you lived with out it. What makes these mini lanterns different from all other key chain lights is the light is projected. The more expensive alternatives such as led photon lights and beam chains are not as effective as this inexpensive alternative. When a photon light lights up, yes it is super bright, but it lacks a beam reflector making the bright light wildly scattered. This efficient design projects a bright led light beam toward a more concentrated area turning day in to night where ever you shine it. Possibilities are endless for this versatile utility key chain. You will be amazed how easy it now is to find key holes on the dark, effortlessly. You will also always have a flash light handy making night time traveling safer. Be prepared with this great Lantern Light that is so small you can fit 6 in the palm of your hand and will easily and comfortably slip into your pocket with out the bulge of other similar products. The super bright white led allows for a full spectrum of color as if it where day time in the complete dark, and the LED is sure to last at least 10,000 hours of use, just replace the batteries and your ready to go. The Awesome power of this high intensity bulb is visible over 1 mile away. At less then $1 a piece you can't afford not to have this unique and useful pocket light led key chain. Batteries included.