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Mini Light Show Hand Held Rave Fan



Mini Light Show Hand Held Rave Fan. Pocket fans are the best way to stay cool while on the go! But this Mini Light Show Hand Held Rave Fan is not your ordinary pocket fan, this fan features 5 super bright multicolor LED lights that phase threw 8 awesome patterns that product and animated light show while you keep cool with the fan's amazing breeze. Simple one touch on / off operation keeps the fan on until you turn it off so you can use the fan completely hands free. Kids love the light show and find the fan really "cool" to play with. Soft and flexible plastic blades make this fan perfect and safe for kids of all ages. This fan comes complete with a 28" snap safe lanyard so the user can wear it around their neck and since it has a safe snap it will break loose if it is tugged. Uses 3 AAA batteries (included). Colors Ship Assorted!

The Possibilities Are ENDLESS!!
  • Keep Cool at the Beach
  • Raver Approved Light Show
  • Amusement Park Friendly
  • Stands up on your desk
  • A "Breeze" to use, simple one touch operation!
  • 28" Lanyard is perfect for kids and adults
  • Lightshow that mesmerizes on-lookers Day or Night!
  • Kids love it and will use it, keeping them cool and protected in the heat