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Multicolor LED Light Show Glove (Single Hand)


Right Hand

Multicolor Right Hand LED Light Show Glove . Now Every Raver's Favorite light show gloves are available for sale individually! With each order you will receive 1 right handed glove! Ravers are always looking for the hottest, most cutting electronic club toys to work in to their routine. By now we have all seen finger leds and even bulky units the inhibit your mobility while raving. These gloves are the first and only LED Rave glove that fits perfectly over your hand so you can still wear led raver rings and glowstick all at the same time creating a light show more intense then ever seen before. 3 Amazing multi colored LEDs are fitted right in to the finger tips of these gloves so the light show it right in your hands. A total of 15 super bright LEDs illuminate each glove. The Rad Raver LED Light Show Gloves are comfortable, and can be used with any other club toy, its like having your hand free to do whatever crazy rave moves you got, but having an atomic light show right at your finger tips. The simple you use one touch operation put total control in your hands, literally. Choose from one of 6 mystifying modes: Multi Color Strobe, Color Phase, Steady On, Red Strobe, Blue Strobe & Green Strobe. Each glove is one size fits all and if made of a very flexible, stretchy cotton spandex that is extremely comfortable and allows for maximum mobility so there are no restrictions! With this order you will receive ONE Rave glove suitable for RIGHT HANDED use.