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Multicolor LED Raver Poi Swings (Sold Individually)



Forget spinning fire or just LED lights on a string, this cosmic version of our standard twirling poi appeals to the visual senses as it leaves multi-colored trails across the night sky for all to enjoy. This Multicolor LED Raver Poi Swings. Multiple Multi Colored Leds create 9 unique light shows inside a frosted sphere. 7 Steady color modes (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Aqua, Magenta & White) are complimented by 2 additional phase and morph light show modes. When in motion this toy streaks super bright colored light that makes stunning light visuals that will amaze on lookers. use this toy like a poi, one in each hand for maximum effect and you will produce mind blowing results. Glow sticks are a thing of the past! this light show produces a more intense light show then regular glow sticks and the super strobing action means the colors change producing awesome never before seen patterns that you can work in to your routine. Includes Batteries and is ready to use right out of box.

This Poi Comes with a 3" strobe globe, 19" poi string and versatile two finger grip srap so you can really have maximum control while swinging. Each Poi is sold INDIVIDUALLY!