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Multicolor Light Show Glitter Sequin Raver Glove



Multicolor Light Show Glitter Sequin Raver Glove. This incredible light show rave glove is a must have accessory for any over the top dance routine. Raver love this gloves incredible light show effects. Wear our Light Show Raver Glitter Sequin Glove while using glow sticks, poi or rave finger lights for maximum effect. Dance teams are always looking for unique costume accents the add to their routines; this glove will make your performance explode with color light and set your routine apart from the crowd. This glove is similar to the glove worn by Michael Jackson for all those years and now for the first time we offer a brilliant white and silver glitter sequin glove with integrated LEDs and light shot chipset. Each glove features 5 multicolor Leds. Each LED features cutting edge multi-node technology that lights up different colors simultaneously for seamless color fusion creating magnificent phasing effects capable of producing thousands of colors right in the palm of your hand. Our Light Show Raver Glitter Sequin Glove include an advanced chipset that produces 6 unique light show modes including: 3D Time Warp, Multicolor Phase, Multicolor On, Blue Strobe, Red Strobe & Green Strobe. Changing light show modes is as easy as touching a button and can be changed effortlessly even when in the middle of a complex routine for a truly customizable light show that is all your own! Each order comes with ONE right handed glove with Hundreds of brilliant silver sequins on the top of the glove, white palms and one LED at the tip of each finger.

Our Light Show Raver Glitter Sequin Glove Feature:
  • Advanced Light Show Chipset With 6 Unique Modes
  • 5 Tricolor Multi-Node LEDs
  • Seamless Color Phasing Produces Thousands of Colors
  • One Touch Operation- Change the Lightshow Mode on the go.
  • Top half of glove decorated with Hundreds of silver glitter sequins
  • Gloves are One Size Fits All, Unisex and fight users RIGHT HAND
  • One glove included per order.