My Dictate Good T-Shirt - Little Rascals TV Show

#13 Deez Navy-
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This T-Shirt is a funny play on words used for decades but was made famous by the little rascals. Spankey, Alfalfa, and Buckwheat sitting in class when the teacher asks " who can spell the word dictate and use it in a sentence?" Spankey tries first saying " d-i-c-k " the teacher interrupts and says " nope, Alfalfa can you do it?" He says " d-i-k, " again she interrupts and asks Buckwheat, he says " o-tay, d-i-c-t-a-t-e. " She says " yes that's right, now use it in a sentence." Buckwheat says " o-tay, my girlfriend says my dictate good.... "

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