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Never Forget Wrestling "The Twin Towers" WWF T-Shirt


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If you can remember back to 1988 WWF Was supreme, and the Twin Towers where one Bad Ass team. In September 1988, One Man Gang's manager, Slick, announced that Gang was actually African and planned to re-embrace his roots. An episode of WWF Superstars, which aired on September 24, 1988, featured a vignette with Gene Okerlund on-location in an American ghetto that is dubbed "The Deepest Darkest Parts Of Africa". This promo also featured "Mean" Gene and tribal African dancers dancing and chanting around a fire. Slick announced from that point on, Gang would be referred to by his new name, Akeem, the African Dream. This vignette received some criticism, as the Caucasian "Akeem" delivered a promo in which he spoke with an extremely stereotypical black accent and mockingly danced while an African ritual took place in the background. The Teams antics where crazy and like this shirt a real heavy weight!