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New Star Master - LED Raver Toy With Necklace

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New Star Master - LED Raver Toy With Necklace. Imagine having the power of night club lighting in the palm of your hand. Picture having an entire room filled with multi color strobing prismatic colors and light that comes alive with with the touch of a button. Sound impossible and expensive? It was..... Until Now. The New Star Master utilizes 6 supercharged Multicolor LEDs capable of producing thousands of colors as it morphs and phases threw 3 incredible light show modes! Unlike other club toys the New Prismatic Lightshow projects it's super bright LED light show out of the geometric prismatic crystal globe; this launches the light threw space displaying the incredible light show on any surface such as a walls, ceilings, and dance floors. This club toy will drench an entire room with club lighting effects. Simple one touch operation means you don't have to fumble around with clumsy controls so you can focus on the light show at hand. 3 Preset light shows can be changed on the go for a fully customizable light show you have to see to believe. The New Prismatic is easily capable of projecting bright LED light over 50 feet threw the air and will project on a huge area of any surface. Here at bewild we have seen lots of club toys and we sell most every type of club toy you could imagine; but this one is different. Never before have we offered a toy that can duplicate the professional light shows you would expect to see at a high end night club that you can hold in the palm of your hand. We couldn't even imagine wielding two of these at a time, the effect would surly be mind blowing. Don't take our word for it, get one for yourself and become a believer! This item comes with a necklace that you can wear around your neck or use it to rave with!