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Next Generation Super Glow Paint (Invisible)

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Invisible by day, Glow by night; Next generation invisible glow paint is the only glow paint on the market that is truly invisible yet glows bright, vivid colors in the dark. Invisible Next Generation Super Glow Paint. You have never seen anything like this glow in the dark paint before! Invisible Next Generation Super Glow Paint was created by the makers of our best selling Next Generation SUPER Glow in the Dark Paint is this all new formula that is sure to change everything you think about glow in the dark paint. The same technology used by NASA to illuminate vital parts of the international space station is used in this paint, and best of all it is now invisible in the day light. Now you can feel free to paint on any surface discreetly so in the light the painted design is not apparent, when the lights go off however that's when the fun begins! This paint glows up to 5x brighter the normal commercial glow paint and only needs to be exposed to 15 minutes of bright light to be active for a 24 hour period. This paint appear as a transparent film in the day light. When the light go off and the sun goes down the paint glows bright, vibrant colors. This is the only paint on the market that will glow in full color in the dark and still be invisible with the lights on! This paint is 100% non-toxic and safe for all surfaces including (but not limited to) Fabric, Walls, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Composites and even Skin! You can use this paint as body paint, heavy scrubbing will remove it clean from the skin! Tubes contain 1.5 oz of super glow paint and include a perfect portion applicator tip. Each tube ships individually in your choice of color.
  • Next Generation Invisible Super Glow Paint features:
  • Acrylic water based paint perfect for any surface
  • Water resistant formula great for outdoor use and clothing
  • Non-toxic, no fumes and is children friendly
  • Apply it anywhere, its invisible! You will not see the paint during the day or in the light.
  • Clear color blends to match the background surface.
  • Invisible paint glows with intense brightness in the dark in full, vivid color.
  • Paint glows for a full 24 hours with only 15 minutes of continuous bright light exposure.
  • 1.5 oz tube per order with easy precision applicator tip.
  • Black Light (UV) Responsive: Glows under black light with no prior light exposure needed.
  • Perfect for clothing, walls and even skin! Uses it as body paint!