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Nic-Out Nicotine Reducing Cigarette Filters (30 Pack)

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Nic Out
According to the American Heart Association, smoking accounts for about 5 million deaths worldwide each year. Even with these grim statistics, many people are unable or unwilling to quit. But they are willing to accept responsibility for their health. It is always safer to quit smoking. But what if this habit is stronger than your natural survival instinct?! Fortunately, there is an alternative that may help a smoker enjoy Better Health and Longer Life. Now smokers can take Special Cigarette Filter Nic-Out, developed by scientists, to help reduce nicotine, tar and thus the health risks associated with smoking. This small and simple device provides intensive, multistage cigarette smoke purification: 90% of the tar is extracted; the content of Nicotine is reduced 5 times! The filter is made of transparent class-A plastic. The same kind of plastic, which is used for production of baby food bottles. A smoker does not detect any changes in the taste of the cigarette since the method used is mechanical smoke purification. This pack comes with 30 filters per pack. The short length of the filter provides no change in the smoke's temperature, which is an important comfort consideration for most smokers. The immediate results of using the tiny device is the disappearance of the tormenting "morning cough" - usually a consequence of smoking over dozen cigarettes per day. After a few weeks of using this filter the smokers are completely rid of the "morning cough".

  • One filter is good for 5 to 10 cigarettes.
  • You get 30 Filters in Each Box
  • Good for up to 300 Cigarettes
  • Josef N. (Maine): I can't believe how much tar is trapped in Nic-Out. instead of my lungs. This is a miracle device.

    Albert W. (New York): My breathing performance has been so much better ever since I started to use the Nic-Out filters. It has been really a godsend for me.

    Gregory K. (Illinois): I don't know how I put up with my smoking before Nic-Out - my heart system performance has improved significantly since I bought your product.

    Linda F (Kentucky): My morning cough has stopped torturing me after first week of using Nic-Out. I understand why: No Irritation - No Cough. Great product.

    Ashraf M. (Pennsylvania): I always thought that I am eternal, but recently my medical doctor \"pronounced the verdict\". I have just a few years left to enjoy my life. I must quit smoking, but I could not. Now, with Nic-Out Filter inserted between my lips and a cigarette, I am able to satisfy the cravings. I have an option between suffering and relief. I feel myself more comfortable.

    Raymond M. (California): I was a chain smoker and can't count how many cigarettes I've burned out through the years. Nic-Out crashed my book of records. I changed my habit, while watching this dirt building up inside the filter. This is the most convincing security enhancer I've seen. I reboot myself: I quit!