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Stadium zoomz Night Vision Glasses are the next generation of binoculars. They are perfect for sporting events, movies, nature walks and more. When you are watching the game you want to be in the action, Stadium Zoom glasses immerse you in the game with visuals that make you feel as if you are on the field. Stadium Zoomz are 100% hands free so you can sit back, relax and watch the game with out the hassle of holding binoculars up to your eyes. Where your pair today to gain the Zoomz advantage. No matter if your seats are good or bad you will always have the best view. These glasses zoom in so you are in the middle of all the plays you would otherwise miss. Zoomz go way beyond just the stadium. They are also perfect for scenic destinations, nature walks and hunting. Take Stadium Zoomz to the beach to get "up close and personal" with sun bathers, they will never know your looking as you have front row seats to the best view in town! Each side of the glasses feature an adjustment knob so you can zoom and focus with outstanding accuracy for maximum visual clarit

Night Vision
Great Night time Viewing
Sports-Night Games
Fireworks Displays