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Notifuro Cursed Shinto T-Shrit (Shapeshifter Shinto Series)

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Notifuro Cursed Shinto - Limited Edition
Inspired by Naruto's Cursed Seal of Heaven - Shinto is at it again! Notifuro's crazy tanuki, Shinto, has team up with Orochimaru. When Shinto wasn't looking Orochimaru planted the sealed cursed on him. Now Shinto resembled that of Sasuke when he also used his curse mark to gain strength. We are unsure how long Shinto will remain in this form, so act fast.
Get this shirt while it lasts, the Notifuro Shape-shifting series are a limited print run.

If you are a gamer or just love Japanese culture (an otaku), Notifuro is the brand for you. Their clothing is made from high quality material and the designs are so smooth you would swear the print is the shirt itself.

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