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Novelty Shocking Lighter



Novelty Shocking Lighter
This lighter will shock your friends... Literally! You can use this lighter to light your cigarettes without harm by flipping the ignition back.... But when your friends go to ignite the lighter by pressing the button (The more obvious way to "light" the lighter) the will be welcomed by a zap of electricity that is sure to make their hair stand up on end! This joke lighter will fool everyone since it also actually functions as a lighter.... Nobody will ever suspect the shock that awaits them. This shocking lighter will have you and your buddies fooling everyone for endless laughs! This shocking lighter is butane refillable, features an electronic ignition and flame adjustment and of course it will shock the crap out of your friends. For extra laughs try leaving this lighter behind on a bar and watch from a distance as lighter thieves get what the have coming to them! This joke lighters ships individually in assorted colors.