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Official Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater Adult Crewneck


#BatmanUglySweater C#48-201-B39-1

Batman crashes through the glass ceiling of Acme Chemical Plant, arms wide, cap billowing behind him. He lands in a menacing stance. His head slowly raises towards the lights in front of him to see The Joker sitting on a destroyed arm chair, Harley Quinn on his lap with a demented Christmas tree behind them, about to take a Holiday photo. What would be the only thing missing from this picture? Both The Joker and Harley Quinn wearing this ugly Christmas Sweater! It's the classic Batman colors, symbol and the usual ugly Christmas sweater touches, that will make this a instant classic. Represent The Dark Knight in a way The Joker would appreciate with this unique sweater.

Get your hands on this amazing Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater. Our Batman Ugly Christmas Sweaters have a classic, comfortable fit as well as being pre-shrunk, so you can expect little to no shrinkage.