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Optical Mouse with Hidden Digital Scale & Stash Compartment

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Imagine having the power of a fully functional, high performance optical mouse that has the ability to hide and conceal a quality digital scale or your valuables. The day has come. Protect your belongings in a place no one would ever think to look - your computers mouse! This product is a fully functional optical mouse you can use every day. It looks like a mouse. It works like a mouse but don't be fooled. This mouse is hiding a digital scale. Remove the digital scale and the mouse becomes a diversion safe that you can effectively hide your valuable with out anybody knowing. Even the most keen eye would never suspect this working mouse is hiding your cash, jewelry or Rx drugs. The scale is a stand alone unit that can be removed from the mouse, however you can weigh objects while the scale is inserted with in the mouse if you like. The quality of both the mouse and scale will exceed your expectations. The scale features backlit LCD screen, weighs in g, oz, GN and CT and has a capacity of 500 x .1g. The scale also has an auto off feature to maximize battery life and tare function to ensure accuracy. The mouse features USB connectivity and is compatible with all computers; PC or mac. The mouse has a red lit scroll wheel and sensitive optical sensor. This entire set come nicely packaged in a POP gift box. This may very well be our most discreet scale and stash to date.

The Optical Mouse with Hidden Digital Scale & Stash Compartment Features:
  • Fully Functional High Performance Optical Mouse
  • USB Connectivity
  • Stand alone Digital Scale with Back lit Display
  • Scale capacity 500 x .1g
  • Auto off feature with TARE function
  • Weighs in g, oz GN & CT
  • Large stash compartment (When scale is removed)