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Party Time String of Jumbo Disco Balls



Our Party Time Disco Ball Necklace is a unique party necklace that gives the effect of 35 multicolor metallic disco balls hanging from your neck. Light will shine and reflect in brilliant color. Its kind of like having a disco light show hanging from your neck! For best effect shine bright light directly at the necklace; the light will beam and scatter just like a real disco ball at your favorite night club. Each necklace contains 35 1" disco balls attached together on a tight string to form the 35" necklace. The necklace can also be untied so you can have 35 individual 1" disco balls that are great for decorating, party favors and more! Necklace can be easily cut to use disco balls individually for decorating. Use on Christmas tree, hang from Car mirror or any use you might think of.