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Photon II Mega-Phasing Micro Light LED with Keychain


LRI # Photon Fun ll

Photon Micro has been for years the foremost producer of quality LED products, including the world famous Photon Micro light. Made in the USA, this ultra tough multi light is built to survive serious use. Whether you use it at work home or in the car this practical light has you covered. The Xlight by Photon brings the convenience of your normal micro light to the next level with this awesome color changing led that is capable of producing every color in the rainbow and is visible for up to 2 miles away on a clear night. This micro led light is the only one that is 5 times brighter than all other leds that are made in china. Equipped with an Energizer lithium batteries this light will last for a long time with out changing the battery & best of all the LED will NEVER burn out. The Xlight comes in a super durable polycarbonate hard shell case with soft touch rubber on/ off switch that glows in the dark and a premium key clip. All of the X-Lights connectors are 24k gold plated witch means clean crisp connections and no corrosion so this light will last you a life time, guaranteed. The amazing light show effects are now in full color.

IMPORTANT!: The Photon Freedom Micro is shipped in a "point-of-purchase battery protection" mode which is intended to preserve the batteries by automatically shutting the light off after 5-6 seconds. To take it out of this point-of-purchase mode, simply press and hold the button until the flashlight turns off (approx. 15-20 seconds).