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Pitara Rosewood Joint Filter & Rolling Device (Nimitta 2.4")


pitara rosewood

WOODEN pitara Best for those of you that like to roll a nice cone shape. Pitaras are a new spin on an old favorite! Similar to a hand chillum, this wooden smoke cone filter allows you to roll perfect joins with a sweet wooden filter. The wooden filter means you will no longer get tabaco in your mouth when smoking. It also means you can smoke the entire joint with no need for roach clips or tweezers, and it also keeps the smoke off your hands and face! To use Pitara Filters simply prepare your joint as usual, and before you start rolling lay the wide end of pitara in to the rolling paper. Roll the paper tight around the pitara and smooth out over the rest of the joint. The result- a perfectly rolled ready to smoke with a nifty filter to hold on to. You will love it! This is a Nimitta 2.4" Pitara in rosewood. It is best used for rolling cone shaped smokes with 1 1/2" & Double Wide rolling paper.