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Pocket Galaxy Kaleidoscope Laser (Green)



Imagine having the power of a professional multi beam laser Projector in the palm of your hand. This state of the art unit is the same technology used by multi-million dollar night clubs, professional bands and laser light shows world wide. Until now such multibeam laser units were huge, heavy, expensive to buy and were restricted by a powercord. Not any more. Be the first to wield this incredible hand held powerhouse light show. This powerful laser Appears up to 50x brighter then regular laser, giving you an abusive amount of light power you can carry with you in your pocket. The specially designed Galaxy tip delivers and incredible galactic Kaleidoscope animated effect that you control. This single unit will amaze you as it will literally shower an entire room or dance floor with thousands explosive GREEN laser dots. This is a must have club toy for all ravers, it is like you are blasting a galaxy of moving, animated stars and planets out of your hand in incredible laser. This is it. The best club toy we have ever seen. This club toy is so good people will stop what they are doing just to watch the splendid effects of this laser toy! The further away you are from the projector surface, the larger the effect becomes! This toy will light up an entire room, it is amazing. The single super powerful laser beam splits in to thousands of beams pointed in separating angles so the laser drenches objects and surfaces in all directions with super bright laser light! The galaxy tip can be removed to use this toy as a super bright laser pointer. This laser toy uses only 2 AA, included with your purchase so it is ready to go out of the box... And it does come in a stylish, custom molded carry case so you can keep your laser protected.