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Portable EL (electro-luminescent) Light Up Wire



Our 2.2mm Elite-2 EL Wire emits a spectacular uniform light source, 360 degrees throughout its entire length. EL Wire is Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, and resistant to water and ice. This material blows away limo lighting of the past! The Hyper Luminecent tubing glows bright and never burns out like conventional light bulbs, plus it is fully flexible and fits into the nooks and crannies that limo lighting cant reach. Each order comes with 10 feet of 2.3mm diameter wire. The battery powered control box is compact so this device is completely portable and can be used on the go and in hard to reach places. You can use this wire also like a neon sign by bending the wire in to shapes, letters and designs. Use it in your car to accent your dashboard or floor panels. Use it in your room to light up doors, molding and headboards. Use it ANY WHERE you can imagine!

Just add batteries and this kit is ready to go. Uses 2 AA batteries -- not included.

Each piece has steady-on and blink modes.

Some Ideas For Your Wire

There are many uses for EL wire. We will list a few popular ones here to get you started. One effect is to add blacklights to the area your viewing you are wire, it adds to the whole experience!
  • 1) Use on the Dancefloor for an amazing effect
  • 2) Take EL wire to a RAVE, This is a MUST!
  • 3) Great at parties, bar mitzvahs, sweet 16
  • 4) Use at concerts or Sporting events
  • 5) Use it in your car for an amazing night time effect
  • 6) Make a sign
  • 7) Add it to a hat for night time use/parties
  • 8) String it around your Christmas tree.
  • 9) Incorporate it into costumes for safety and/or fun.
  • 10) Use it to light up your walkways.
  • 11) Add it to your bicycle for added night time safety.
  • 12) Add it to your auto for an interesting effect.
  • 13) Add it to a pet leash
  • 14) Add it to your steps to light them up better.
  • 15) Make a science fair project out of it!