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Print Your Own Temporary Tattoo Kit

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Print Your Own Tattoo
If your kids want tattoos, why not make them some that actually look cool?

With this temporary tattoo kit, you can print off any design you want, and apply it to your skin just like the temporary ones you find in the store. This would also be a good way to try out a design before you have it permanently inked on. All you need is an inkjet printer and a design. The great thing about using this kit is you can select any image or artwork to place onto your body. After that use the top coat sealer to ensure the tattoo stays on as long as possible.

Depending on the size of the tattoo will depend on how many you can create. Be creative and attempt to create a full sleeve with the entire sheets of paper. Or print out small tattoos to fit behind the ears or on your feet. Great way to explore and start off in the realm of tattoo's before getting a real one.

Click Here for a How to Guide & InstructionsThis Print Your Own Temporary Tattoo Kit Contains:
10 - Cleanser/Sanitizer Wipes

10 - Remover Wipes

02 - Proprietary top coat sealing

02 - Sheets of printable tattoo paper

02 - Sheets of adhesive paper

01 - Set of instructions