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Pro Quality Juggling Balls (3 Pack)

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Pro Quality Juggling Balls (3 Pack). Juggling is serious business and you will never master the art if you are still "clowning around" with cheap juggling balls. You have seen it done by street performers and and at the circus but now you too can impress your friends with this amazing talent. Juggling is one of the fine arts that once mastered will draw a crowd and keep them focused on you and your amazing act. Sure you can juggle anything, but any good routine should start with premium juggling balls, not hacking sacks and definitely not hand balls! These pro quality balls are made specifically for juggling. Each ball is perfectly weighed and balanced with a sand center weight so the balls arch evenly giving you the results you need for perfection. Soft padding surrounds the center weight so the ball does not have and bounce upon catching so the ball will transition from catch to throw seamlessly. Whether you are seasoned professional or a novice juggler these balls are the perfect tool to work in to your routine. This kit includes everything you need to get started, 3-130g balls premium quality Juggling balls and in depth learn to juggle instructions.