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Professional 3D Movie Glasses :: Red and Blue Cyan Anaglyphic 3D Glasses

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These 3d glasses are a must have for the 3D enthusiast. If you are tired of old paper glasses that get crumpled up and lost these are the glasses for you. our 3D glasses are styled to look cool, compare their style to your favorite pair of oakleys except with effective Red and Blue (Cyan) lens! These professional quality 3D glasses not only look great but also enhance your 3d Experience to the next level. All your favorite 3D anaglyph movies will look better then ever and so will you... Heres why- Traditional paper 3D glasses have small lenses and flat fronts so other non red and blue light enters the view area causing ghosting and intermittent loss of 3d effect as well as deteriorated picture quality. These glasses feature large wrap around lenses that immerse the user completly in the 3d expieriance. The result is reduced "ghosting", higher overall image quality and much less eye fatigue. These glasses will work perfect for any anoglyphic Red and Cyan image or movie! With growing popularity of 3D movies in the theaters and at home these glasses will give you the best 3D movie expieriance available and you will look cool too!

These 3D Movie Glasses Feature:
  • Awesome styling sets these glasses apart from the crowd
  • Over sized red and blue cyan lenses
  • Wrap around design minimizes ambient light
  • Reduces image ghosting and movement distortion
  • Less eye fatigue and great comfort
  • Overall increase in picture and color quality
  • Works with all red and blue cyan anaglyphs, anaglyphic images, movies and videos