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Property of Polk High #33 Vintage T-Shirt From Married With Children


#17 AC#AMC573-1

AL Bundy "Polk High #33" Vintage T-Shirt :: Married With Children T-Shirt . Everybody Knows Al Bundy, the main character of the classic "Married with Children" sitcom that played on our tubes for all those years. Whether he was heading a meeting in the garage as leader of NO'MAM or on the couch with his hand down his pants watching TV as his Whimsical family starved, its always seemed to come back to his glory days as The POLK HIGH QB who led them to an underdog victory in 1966 with one long pass. Al has still got his shirt, and now so can you! This Polk High tee features Al Bundy's Famous #33 on the front with "official" Property of Polk High foot ball logo. So sit back (balls in hand) and sip a cold one and lock the doors (so Marcy doesn't find her way in) and tell those stories of yesteryears.