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Proton PRO 2 Color Flashlight (1000+ Candle Power!)


LRI# Proton Pro

Incredible single-AA powerhouse! Ready for extreme survival conditions and daily use. One button does it all! The new Proton from from LRI packs 6 high output white LEDs (the same found in the new 2X brighter white Photon II & Freedom Micro) into a compact handheld light powered by a single AA battery. A seventh red LED provides an optional low power secondary beam. LRI's popular Freedom(R) digital circuitry provides intuitive one-button access to full-range brightness control and safety strobe functions for both the primary and secondary beam. With over 50 lumens of light ouput at full power*, the Proton is among the brightest single-AA flashlights on the market. A single AA battery will power the Proton for approximately 1.5 hours at full power or up to 250 hours at reduced brightness.Intuitive Single Button Operation - Even with gloves. Smart Circuit. Electronic, instant full power On/Off at any time. Independent full range brightness control for both White and Red beams. 4 Safety strobe modes: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS Signal/Morse Code mode. Super-bright regulated light output. 250 candle power, 1.4W (White). 12 candle power, 150 mW (Red). Easy Battery Replacement - Takes ANY AA size Lithium, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Alkaline, NiCad or standard Carbon battery (Continual burn times vary depending on the kind of battery used). Waterproof - Rubber O-rings allow for failproof use in all kinds of foul weather. Detachable Clip - Easy on. Easy off. Includes filler snap ring when clip not in use. Built Tough to Survive Serious Daily Use - precision machined aluminum body with Type III hard anodized finish. Friction ridges for sure grip. Weight: 42.3 grams w/ clip and Lithium AA battery.