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Pyramid Pockets Wide Leg Raver Pants (Brown)

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Raver Brown

Pyramid Pockets Wide Leg Raver Pants. Phyre Brand Raver pants brings you these deluxe HUGE BOTTOM Raver pants. Constructed of 100% polyester, these are unique raver pants, unlike any others you have seen. These pants feature HUGE 45" Wide bottoms, and truly unique SETS OF "PYRAMID POCKETS" on each side. Each set of "Pyramid Pockets" are actually 3 pockets starting of large at the bottom and gradual becoming smaller with each pocket. These pants have TONS of storage! Phyre Brand Raver pants Feature everything you have come to expect from a pair of top of the line rave pants, including breathable mesh accents, super soft material, vivid colors and two rear pockets. The best feature of these pants are that they are fully adjustable one size fits all! These pants fit everybody from waist size 26" - 38"! Just tie the drawstring and you are good to go!