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Randy's Incredible Black Label Pipe Cleaning Solution



Randy's Incredible Black Label Pipe Cleaning Solution

Cleaning your glass pipe can be a very difficult task; High quality glass pipes tend to have very narrow and hard to reach inner areas that prove near impossible to clean... Until NOW! Randy's Incredible Black Label Pipe Cleaning Solution takes all the effort and frustration out of cleaning your pipe. Simply immerse your pipe in to a few ounces of Randy's Black label and swish it around... Watch as Randy's Incredible Pipe Cleaning Solution goes to work dissolving and removing burnt on tar and resin. Randy's gets in to all the nooks and crannies that traditional pipe cleaner can't. Until now many people used either soap or rubbing alcohol to clean their pipes; neither of these methods effectively dissolve tough resin and tar leaving you to have to scrub the pipe manually. Randy's Pipe cleaning solution eliminates this entirely. Just soak, swish and rinse and your dirty pipe will be transformed in to new condition in minutes. Making your pipe look new again is now simple. Randy's works great for all pipes and will not harm sensitive designs or materials yet it literally destroys tar and resin right where it stands. Randy's Pipe Cleaning Solution works unbelievably on Glass, Metal and Ceramic and will amaze you the first time you use it. There is nothing like smoking out of a new, clean pipe.. Make your old pipe new again today! Randy's is ideal for hand pipes, bowls, bats, bongs, Sherlock's, bubblers, slides, one hitters and more!