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Rass Vintage "Gods of Manco" T-Shirt

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#5 Orange

Rass Vintage "Gods of Manco" T-Shirt. Rass Vintage Couture is unique alternative clothing line that slaps convention right in the face. With Rass Vintage Clothing you are either in or out. Lets just say nobody ever wants to be "out". Each shirt is meticulously hand made with extreme attention to detail. Rass clothing uses only the finest quality custom dyed vintage shirts for a super soft, light and fitted feel that will make this shirt an instant classic addition to your vintage t-shirt collection. Soft ink prints with specialty ink and dye accents make these shirts stand apart from the crowd. The shirts also feature soft felt accents to add style and texture to each of Rass's vintage couture shirts.

This Rass T-shirt features a native American inspired design featuring the gods and goddesses of Manco. Each design is crafted with royal Black velvet and hand placed rhinestone accents to give this premium vintage shirt a true hand-made couture look and feel.