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RAW Natural Unbleached King Supreme Rolling Paper

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#54 HBI#RAW Kingsupreme
RAW Natural Unbleached King Supreme Rolling Paper. RAW Natural Rolling Papers are a new product that is taking the smoking market by storm. It is a pure, less processed rolling paper unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked. Because it contains a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chemically whitened) fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color. RAW is so thin that you can see through it. Each paper is watermarked with the special HBI CrissCross imprint. This special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burning characteristics that we are famous for. Enjoy your favorite smoke in it's purest form, try new RAW natural rolling papers and experience the difference. RAW is available in XL King Size, Double
Wide Supreme for a true fatty.
Taste The Difference! Smokers who choose Raw papers rather then conventional rolling papers claim that RAW rolling papers "taste different" then other papers. This led us in to an investigation of why they taste different, so we brought it to the lab. The out come... RAW papers don't taste different, they have NO taste what so ever! The taste associated with other rolling papers are actually the chemicals added during the paper making process, some thing RAW dose not have. In fact under controlled conditions users found no difference between smoking a RAW rolled cigarette and smoking straight out of a glass pipe. Users also found that out of the three controls smoking a cigarette rolled in regular rolling paper was least appealing, and smoking out of a pipe or smoking a cigarette rolled with RAW where virtually identical and they both where preferred over the standard rolling paper.

# These Raw Papers are king sized, double wide supreme
# 32 in a pack.
# 100% Chlorine Free
# 100% Vegan