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Real Looking CD Case Digital hidden Pocket Scale

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The DJ's scale is designed for optimum performance from turntables (for DJ's and record enthusiasts). One of the basic procedures for set-up is calibration of vertical tracking force (VTF). A seemingly simple practice, most listeners mistakenly assume that a quick adjustment using graduations on the arm or a cheap balance beam scale is adequate. While those methods may be appropriate for entry-level systems, they have no place in a set-up regime for a high-end turntable. Use of the Compact Disc Scale Digital Stylus Force Gauge as part of set-up ensures a precisely calibrated VTF. It's even designed to look like part of a DJ's equipment to blend with the customer's lifestyle. Ships in assorted CD covers & Scale Styles.

Key Benefits The JS-150V Are:
  • 500g x 0.01g or 500g x 0.1g capacity scales
  • 100g reads in g, ct, oz, and gn
  • 500g reads in g, oz, dwt, and ozt
  • Full Tare feature & Zero tracking
  • Equipped with Dual Weightmeter
  • Parts counting feature
  • Digital auto calibration (weight not included)
  • Slim CD case design
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • 20 year parts / 20 year labor warranty