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Realistic Custom Fit Vampire Teeth



These movie quality fangs custom fit to your own teeth in 3 simple steps! These reusable costume teeth fit securely to your teeth so you can speak, drink and even eat with removing these top quality Halloween fangs. Where these awesome fangs to your next big Halloween party. They look so real people are sure to notice. These fangs are also great for a kinky vamp foreplay, and crazy club events. Where your new custom fit fangs where you dare. They are easily removed but stay securely in place until you want to remove them. For all day events, or periods where you don't want to remove the fangs you may also choose to use denture bond for a semi permanent results that will last all day. These fangs are easy to care for and with proper care will last a very long time, all while being custom fit to your own teeth for a perfect, comfortable fit every time.