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Rebel Spirit "Royal Lion Shield" Couture Hoodie

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Rebel Spirit Couture Clothing. Each piece of Rebel Spirit Clothing is meticulously hand crafted to produce exceptional quality that is nothing short of a piece of wearable artwork. Join the "Royal way of life" with a rebel spirit. Rebel Spirit Couture is crafted as a reaction to the bland. Rebel spirit does not follow the trends or set them. Rebel Spirit Clothings goal is to define life by creating an image that expresses individuality. Your Individuality. Forget Ed Hardy, This stuff is the real deal, end of story. Each shirt features hand sewn details, custom embroidery, metallic foil prints, exotic material patches all put together on a custom one of a kind vintage tee. Made just for you, no one will ever have the same exact Rebel Spirit Tee. This one is yours! Don't join the Rebel Spirit Revolution, CREATE YOUR OWN! That's what t he rebel spirit is all about, and that's what Rebel Spirit clothing offers, your need of individuality and to stand apart and with tee you surly will!

This Rebel Spirit Couture hoodie features Top Notch embroidery over Felt Appliques for and effect like no other. The applique is accented in patina brass dome head studs for an old world feel. A rich "Lion Crest" Embroidery graces the front and back of the hoodie displaying the true quality of this fine hooded sweatshirt. Rhinestones, Renaissance cross studs and pop rivets give this Couture hoodie a personalized feel and hand made look that is sure not to be over looked. Platinum thread crosstiching gives this hoodie a luxiourios appearance. A Beefy patina brass zipper tops this hoodie off with classic style, and also features a Rebel Spirit crest zip pull. This medium weight hoodie features thick wrist cuffs and bottom lining for a stylish fitted look that is as comfortable as it is stylish. The inner lining of the hoodie has a soft terry cloth feel, and also has a super soft felt lining for the neck. Keep warm. Look Cool. Spare no expense when it comes to looking as BAD ASS as possible.
Just note one thing, this hoodie puts ED HARDY to shame. Guaranteed.