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Rechargeable Utility Torch Lighter



Rechargeable Utility Torch Lighter. You have never seen a lighter like this before! This is the only hand held torch uses a regular disposable lighter as its fuel source. This Powerful micro torch is perfect for all small torch applications and can be used for outdoor, survival use as a windproof lighter, or can be used for small soldering jobs and more. This torch is ideal for use in the kitchen while cooking or around the house to light candles, bbqs and more! With this torch you will not have to fumble around with awkward gas refills or hard to find expensive propane gas tanks. This Torch fits right in your pocket! Each torch is easy to use and comes complete with a refillable lighter blank that you can refill time and time again with butane gas, or simply place a new disposable lighter in its place (these usually cost less then a buck!) A normal disposable lighter last a for dozens of uses. You can adjust the intensity of the flame by adjusting the disposable lighters flame so the power is in your hands.