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Red Belt Couture "Serpent in Flight" T-Shirt (Black)

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#1 RB#JS603 Black
Red Belt Couture "Serpent in Flight" T-Shirt
"Live Life The Way You See Fit" is Red Belt's motto... It's not just clothing, it's a way of life... for everyone. Straight from the streets of LA comes Red Belt couture a design clothing company geared toward primo quality t-shirts and accessories with out the giant price tags of their competitors. Red Label Couture was made to ward off the evils of over priced couture clothing while staying true to tattoo style renaissance designs. Red Belt clothing provides Top quality t-shirts that are second to none; using only the highest quality shirts and most advanced printing techniques to create a product that is nothing short of amazing. These shirts are authentic as they come, not some quick buck knock off of spin off like other companies. With each shirt you can expect super soft light weight tees with specialty dye finishes, deep and vibrant immersion ink prints and stunning metallic foil accents that demand a double take.

This Red Belt Shirt Features:
  • Deluxe Light Weight Custom Fit 100% Cotton Tee
  • Premium Super Soft Specialty Dye Material
  • Detailed, Everlasting Immersion Ink Print
  • Brilliant Chrome Leaf Foil Accents