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Reusable Ice Shot Glasses Maker :: Makes 4 Shot Glasses Out of Ice

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Fill Ice Shot Glasses with water or your favorite juice, freeze, and then pop out four fully-formed frozen shot glasses. A great way to add a little nip to your favorite sip! Pure food-grade silicone rubber, these glasses will be the life or the party whether it be a street fair, wedding, or beach party. Quite Literally the coolest drink at the bar. Add water, pop into the freezer and, in a short time, you have frozen shot glasses. Knock back icy cold Tequila or your favorite Vodka. Be creative and freeze coke and then pour in Jack Daniels. Fill the mold with Jello for the ultimate reusable Jello Shot, fill the mold with chocolate and add Baileys. The combinations are endless. Either way, you will have the coolest parties in town. Each box contains 1 sleeve that makes 4 full sized shot glasses.