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Robo Automatic Digital Scale

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CLICK HERE to see a movie of the new Robo Automatic Digital Scale in action!
The NEW Jennings ROBO Automatic Digital Scale is very cool! Set the closed scale on the table and with a touch of a button, it opens and props itself up, ready to get to work.

With a 500-gram capacity, increased durability, built-in scoop/spoon and gem-tweezers, a clear tray that fits snugly on the scale, plus durable carrying-pouch, the ROBO Automatic is one of the ultimate pocket scales on the market today.

As always, the ROBO Automatic is backed by the Jennings 20 Year Warranty.
  • Mechanized Automatic Open function
  • Weighs up to 500g with 0.1g accuracy
  • Beautiful backlit display
  • Built-In gem-tweezers and powder-scoop
  • Long-lasting CR-2032 Lithium Batteries
  • Battery-Saving Auto-Off function
  • Tare/Zero Function
  • Durable carry-case
  • Clear gem/powder-tray
  • 20 Year Warranty