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Rock Band Octopus Skull Men's T-Shirt (Black)

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#4 CB#7521-1

Rock Band Octopus Skull Men's T-Shirt. This T-Shirt features the Octopus Skull design on the front in white and brown. The back features the Rock Band logo. Rock out with this awesome Rock Band T-Shirt!
Rock Band allows players to perform in virtual bands by providing up to four players with the ability to play three different peripherals modeled after music instruments (a guitar peripheral for lead guitar and bass guitar game play, a drum peripheral, and a microphone). These peripherals are used to simulate the playing of rock music by hitting scrolling notes on-screen. Players using the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles can interact through both online and offline multi player capabilities. In addition to the songs shipping on the game disc, hundreds of new tracks will be made available as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions; the Wii version will not initially support downloadable content. The game has received widespread critical acclaim and has sold over 3 million bundled units over all platforms.