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Saloon Shoot-Out


JB# JB1026

Get yourself a Big Hat, and some real leather cowboy pants and boots, and learn how to twirl the gun round your fingers like a real sharpshooter, preferably without spraining your wrist, taking your eye out or shooting yourself in the foot.

Then, when you think you're all fired up for a shoot-out, blaze away at as many Dagnabbit Tavern cowboys as you can in one minute to win the sharpshooter's prize in this hugely entertaining interactive shoot-‘em-up romp.

You'll be shocked at first by how crummy a shot you are, but you'll also get better as you practise with both the interactive feedback from the game and the merciless mickey-taking you'll get from everybody who watches you spray bullets everywhere except on the target.

Requires :

  • 3 x AA Batteries for the main game body.
  • 2 x AAA Batteries for the hand gun.