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Selfie Stick with Clicker - Extendable to 40 inches, Works with Apple And Android



The Hottest Selling Item of 2015 is now in stock at Bewild! These are all the rage, and we've got them for an unbeatable price! Our selfie sticks don't even need batteries! That's right, the cell phone will power the stick. Bluetooth is not required either! Just plug and shoot! With a flexible neck, you're sure to get the perfect angle for your picture or video!

If you’ve been near a tourist attraction lately, you may have seen someone posing—either solo or with a gaggle of friends, with a cameraphone attached to the end of a telescoping pole.

The so-called “selfie stick” was first used by extreme sports aficionados, but in the past year its use has exploded, primarily among populations in east and southeast Asia. But there are signs that selfie sticks are going global, thanks in part to inexpensive components—and an inexhaustible appetite for self-portraits from a slightly better vantage point than the length of the human arm allows.

If you are completely opposed to the concept of the selfie stick or the selfie in general, you can stop reading right here—not that it will help you avoid the coming onslaught. But if you’re curious to know more about the growing fad, or are even considering a purchase yourself, read on.

What are selfie sticks, exactly?

They’re inexpensive versions of what was once called a monopod (i.e. a tripod minus two legs), which experienced photographers use to steady their cameras. The difference with selfie sticks is that they’re specifically designed to be held at arm’s length to fit the photographer into the frame, and they usually—but don’t always—come with a mechanism to remotely trigger the shutter.

Apple ios5 and higher will simply plug and shoot, with no additional adjustments required.

For Android mobile phones, you need to install an app, which is available on google marketplace.