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Serpent Side Light Pipe Lighter with LED Light Show

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#46 Z#98-351

Serpent Side Light Pipe Lighter. Ever try lighting your pipe and you burn your hand? Ouch! It happens almost every time! Regular lighters where not designed to light sideways, this one is! The Serpent Side Light Pipe Lighter produces a super hot, stable jet flame the ignites out the side of the lighter so your hands will be safe and sound. The economical design also keeps your hands in a comfortable position while lighting up and the lighter has been made to resist over heating if you are using the lighter for an extended period of time. Best of all this is the ONLY pipe lighter on the market with an awesome multicolor LED Light show built in that produces an awesome effect when the lighter is ignited. This lighter features a powerful, full adjustable wind resistant torch flame, pivoting wind shield and reliable electronic ignition system. Each lighter is butane refillable so you know this lighter is going to last!