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Shocking Ball New Hot Potato Shocking Ball Game

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Shocking Ball New Hot Potato Shocking Ball Game. The Shocking Ball has hundreds of different games that can be played, just use your imagination! Here is a suggestion: HOT POTATO FOR 21ST CENTURY! For 1-100 players pass the Shocking Ball amongst you and your friends or work colleagues, the Shocking Ball gives random electric shocks to an unsuspecting victim, if you drop the ball you are out. Last person wins. It emits electric shock pulses at random times between 10 and 30 seconds. The ball glows when a shock is being emitted. Contains Shocking Ball and activation key. To activate your shocking ball, ensure batteries are inserted and push the key provided into the small hole located on the seam of the ball untill you feel a "click" This product has a auto off function. The product will go to sleep after 1 minute to conserve batteries. To Turn back on simply press the on/off switch off then on again