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Skin Industries "Badang" Men's T-Shirt (Black)

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Skin Industries "Badang" Men's T-Shirt (Black). Skin Industries, the brand of on the edge extreme apparel has been known for almost a decade to make the toughest pro BMX wear and streetwear style clothing. This shirt will be the perfect addition to your daily wardrobe. Made of beefy fabric these shirts are printed using premium quality inks and pigments. Skin Industries uses the most modern printing techniques to produce mind blowing designs that are as extreme as you are. Live on the edge in your brand spankin' new Skin Industries T-Shirt. All Skin Industry T-Shirts are 100% Cotton, Machine washable and tough enough to endure some serious abuse. Whether your are riding the trails or rockin' out at your local night spot your are sure to look the part in this truly PRO shirt.

This Skin Industries T-Shirt Features: Skin Industries Graffiti Style font on front says 'Skin' with White sexy woman silouhette icon. Skin Industries Graffiti Style font on Back says 'Show Some'. Text is outlined in red.
Skin Industries- Show Some!