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SmokeClear Transparent Rolling Papers (King Sized)

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mokeClear is the newest and most radical smoking innovation since the advent of the pre-rolled cigarette. These crystal clear rolling sheets allow you to see the contents of your joint. They are made of 100% Natural Cellulose which is non-toxic chemical free odorless and tasteless and contains no plastic or gum adhesives. These user friendly rolling sheets are easy to roll and burn slow and clean not harsh like typical rolling papers. To roll the perfect cigarette simply use SmokeClear's rolling sheets as you would normal hemp rolling papers. To close simply lick any where you want to stick as cellulose is naturally stick when dampened and dry fast leaving you joint perfectly sealed in no time. These King Sized papers are extra long to hold more and slim to roll the perfect jay every time. This package comes with 40 transparent cigarette papers. What Is Cellulose? Cellulose is the inner lining of the cell wall found naturally in green plants. Cellulose is in essence the plant's structure and the way green leaves hold their form and stay together on a molecular level. Cellulose is a strong sticky and transparent material that can also be used in the natural production of man made goods such as clear rolling papers and non plastic cellophane.