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Snap & Glow Illuminating Bracelets (10 Pack)



This pack includes 10 snap & glow braclets with 2 of each great color including blue, pink, green, orange & purple. The cheap Chinese glow bracelets you find elsewhere are 5mm thick and not all that bright, plus they only last a couple of hours. These North-American made glow bracelets are a nice thick 6mm that results in 44% more glow for your money. Glows up to 6 hours. Comes in full tubes of 10 8" bracelets in a single color, with connectors. What makes these snap & glow bracelets better then the rest is the new NON TOXIC hyper luminescent liquid that produces flooding amounts light and last much longer then traditional novelty snap & glow items. Comes to you securely packed in a crush proof tube to ensure safe, unactivated condition upon arrival.