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Snuggie For Dogs - The Only Blanket with Sleeves For Dogs!


Pink (Small 8-11 inches)

Now your dog too can relax in warmth and comfort with the all new snuggie for dogs! The same great blanket with sleeves that has swept the nation is now available for man's best friend. Have you ever been curled up on the couch watching your favorite show when rover trys and curl up under your snuggie? Your dog is jealous! Now you can get them their own so you can enjoy yours for yourself.

Dose your dog struggle to get under their blanket? Regular dog blankets fall off when your dog gets up or moves around. Not the snuggie for dogs! They slip right on and stay put! Doggy clothes are a hassel to get on, dogs struggle as you force their fragile paws threw the arm slots and once you get the clothes on they try and take it off. This struggle is a thing of the past! The Snuggie for dogs effortlessly slips on; no more struggle. Once its own it's loose yet secure fit will have your dog loving life! The snuggie for dogs is made of the same super warm fleece so the will be warm and cozy in doors or out doors. The snuggie for dogs stays in place with just 1 piece of Velcro so if your dog wants it off they can take it off (Trust me they won't want to take it off!) but it will stay on even under vigorous activity! The snuggie for dogs is perfect for all breeds and dog types, big or small; just choose the appropriate size for your pooch and they will be kickin' it in warm & comfy Snuggie Style.