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Special FX Custom Fit Vampire Fangs



All your favorite vampires from Twilight and true blood have them and now so can you! These fangs are retractable so not to raise suspicion just like the vampires from True Blood and Twilight. We have all seen costume vampire fangs for halloween and role playing, but you have never seen fangs like this before! These are the world first pair of retractable fangs. Each pair of Special FX Fangs are custom fit to your own teeth in 3 easy steps for a perfect fit and natural look. Since they are retractable you can go about your every day life with nobody seeing your hidden fangs, then when the time is right expose them to the world; no body will believe their eyes as your fangs drop in to place.

Special FX Vampire Fangs Feature:
  • Unique Retractable Design allows you to hide your fangs
  • Custom fits to your teeth in 3 easy steps
  • Fangs look authentic
  • "Natural" off white color & luster matches tooth's enamel