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St.Patrick's Day Irish Shapes Rubber Band Bracelet (12 Pack)



St.Patrick's Day Irish Shapes Rubber Band Bracelet (12 Pack). Celebrate st.patricks day with our fun collectible rubber band bracelets. each pack comes with an assortment of irish themed shapes including shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, lucky horse shoes, top hats and more! Rubberband Bracelets, sometimes referred to as Animal Rubber Bands and Animal Bracelets, are so much fun! You can Buy'em, Trade'em, Sell'em, Wear'em and Collect'em. You can even Give'em as gifts to your family, friends and co-workers. If you have children, they have probably heard about Silly Bandz or animal rubber bands and, most likely, you have too! These colorful rubber bands are made of silicone and die molded in many different fun shapes. These rubber bands return to their original shape when you take them off the item they're holding (or off of your wrist). Pick from zoo Animals, pets, fun shapes and many more! Best price and fastest turnaround on the web!

Rubberband Bracelets can be traded, collected or worn as jewelry by students in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School. You can use them for whatever you use regular rubber bands for. Silly Bandz can even be worn as a fashion accessory. These are just a few of the ways people are using Silly Bandz. Have fun with them and flick them at your co-workers, trade them with your classmates, or collect them ALL for yourself. Be sure to grab your share of Rubberband Bracelets and have fun.