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Star Trek XI "Four Character Shield" T-Shirt

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#9 Trev#CBS-450
This is one of the many official Star Trek XI T-Shirts from the highly anticipate Star Trek XI Movie that is to be released in theaters and Imac May 8th 2009. This is one of the most anticipated star trek movies of all time and certainly will be a box office blockbuster in 2009. Star Trek XI Will feature an entirety new cast building on the story line from the original Star Trek Enterprise movies. This movie will feature state of the art special effects and mind blowing technology never before seen in star trek movies of the past. This t-shirt features Captain Kirk, Mr.Spock, Uhura & Nero in a darkened mulit-color hues within the walls of a delta shield light swoosh on a black background. Be the first on your block to have this amazing new tee that will make all the other Trekies jealous.