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Stash Shirt - Hanging Closet Diversion Safe

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Our Hanging Closet Diversion Safe looks just like an ordinary tank top so nobody would ever suspect it is holding your most valuable possessions. Hand this garment look alike on any coat hanger and load it up with money, Rx drugs, jewelry and more... Zip it up and that's it, your valuables are hidden and protected. For added defense hang a button up shirt or jacket on top of it rendering this diversion safe completly hidden. Burglars and thieves will be looking to take high value items such as televisions and jewelry boxes.. not your old tank top! This safe looks exactly like a tank top anybody would wear. Best of all this safe features 9 hidden compartment in which you can stash your belongings. Protect yourself. This small investment will insure your valuables are safe from all intruders. This unit zips closed to conceal its contents and easily opens to reveal the goods.. But nobody but yourself would ever think to unzip it.